It won’t be like this forever.

Good morning everyone,

I want to reassure you and your children that all the staff here at Rushy are thinking of you and hoping that as each day passes you stay safe and well.

As you know, the class teachers have been setting your children home learning which has been posted on the Blogs.  The teachers will not set any learning for the two week Easter break.  However, I am sure you have all now discovered some fun and entertaining things  online  which your children can use over the next two weeks.  Also, don’t forget the more traditional things such as board games, arts and crafts etc, anything to keep your children busy and entertained!

The teachers will upload home learning for week three of the school closure on Monday April 20th.

Moving forward we want to be able to communicate with you and your children more directly so we are working hard to set up the technology to enable us to do that. This will mean that you will be able to contact teachers to show the good work your children are doing, but also to ask for help and support.  Please bear with us while we set this up.  We hope to have it ready by April 27th.

In these strange times it is worth remembering that it won’t be like this forever.  We need to continue to reach out to one another in our school community and beyond to offer help and support, albeit remotely!

Best wishes,

Ms Bretherick

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Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you and your family have managed to stay safe and well this past week.  I am sure life in your home must feel very strange, particularly as we are now in ‘lock down’. 

As you know, the class teachers have been providing you with some ideas for home learning.  These were all posted on the blogs last week.  As promised they have updated the learning for next week.   The teachers have worked hard to put together lots of ideas to support maths, English and topic, as well as some fun ideas you can access on websites, 

Please do not feel you have to do everything each day; it is so important that your children get some relaxation time [as well as you!].  

Continue to stay safe and well, and enjoy the springtime – even if it is only by looking through the window.

Best wishes,

Ms Bretherick

Pupils, families, community: learning and working together.

Dear Parents and Carers,

These past few weeks have been like no other and as the weekend approaches we are saying goodbye to many of our pupils without knowing when they will return to school. 

Firstly I want to say ‘thank you’ to you for the support that you have given the school while we try to navigate our way through such challenging times.  Your patience, understanding and cooperation has been fantastic and meant a great deal to all the staff in school. 

As I write this letter I am not sure when we will be able to return to our normal routine and welcome everyone back to school. 

I recognise that this is a difficult time for you  and I want you to know that the staff are all committed to ensuring your children are supported while they are at home.  Please make sure you check the blogs daily and support and encourage your pupils to work through the activities that the class teachers put on the blog.  Your children’s learning is so important and we want to support you as much as we can with the work that we set.  The blogs will be updated weekly.

As you know, the school will be open to some pupils over the next few weeks but for those of you who will be at home with your children please support one another, and  those in your local community, in whatever way you can.

Our school motto is:

Pupils, families, community: learning and working together.

Let’s make sure we keep that at the forefront of our minds in these challenging times.

I look forward to seeing everyone back in school but for now, take care.

Ms Bretherick

School Closure – update at 10am

School closure – awaiting further directives and guidance

You will no doubt be aware of the Prime Minister’s announcement that schools are closing on Friday 20th March due to COVID-19 but that there are exceptions for some groups of children.

I know that parents will want clarity on this and that you will be awaiting further information from Rushy Meadow about the arrangements. However, at the time of writing this blog, all schools are awaiting directives and further guidance about the logistics of keeping the school open and who this will be for.

Please be advised that when announcements are made to the country, schools hear these at the same time as you – we do not have any information in advance.

I understand that this is an extremely concerning situation for us all. We will do all we can to support the Rushy Meadow community but do ask that parents bear with us as we work through a whole host of discussions, decisions and tasks – we are all in uncharted territory.

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.

Ms Bretherick

Latest news

There are signs that spring is on it’s way – hurray! We need some sunshine, I’m sure you would agree.

All the children have been busy this week learning some new skipping skills in our skipping workshops. I hope they have told you all about it. I saw lots of the adults joining in too!

Last week we celebrated World Book Day – the children looked AMAZING dressed up as book characters. Thank you very much for supporting this event by helping to create such amazing outfits. I hope you saw the tweets that we sent out showing our parade in the hall.

Covid 19 – Coronavirus

I know that you will be concerned about this virus that appears to spreading across the country. This is a situation that is unprecedented.     All decisions that are made are based on evidence and guidance from the Department for Education and Public Health England.  The school will continue to send out regular letters to keep parents and carers informed about the steps we are taking.  All communication can also be found In the letters section on the school website.  Thank you for your support and cooperation.



Best wishes,

Ms Bretherick