Welcome back to the summer term!  As I write this blog the rain is pouring and it is cold and breezy – it doesn’t feel much like summer is here.  Hopefully that will change very soon.

The good news that I want to share with you is that last week we achieved 96% attendance!  This is fantastic.  This is what Ofsted expect all schools to achieve but we have been struggling to get there, but last week we did it.  Well done to everyone who was in school last week.  Let’s hope we can keep it up.

This morning, in my assembly, I spoke to all the children about the importance of not wasting food.  We have particularly noticed that a lot of children who bring packed lunches are not eating them.  Some children are throwing away the contents of their lunch box.  From today, if the children do not eat the food in their lunch box they will be told to leave it in their box and take home,.  This way you can also monitor what and how much your child is eating.  The midday supervisors have also been told to monitor this and encourage the children to eat as much as they can.  Please visit our website to read some guidance on healthy packed lunches. Thank you for supporting us with this matter.

Finally, Mr O’Reilly has informed me that there are a number of scooters that have been left in the Key Stage 1 playground which have been there for a number of months now.  We think that they may be old scooters that are no longer wanted.  If they are not removed by the end of this week we will assume that they are no longer wanted.  Thank you.

Best wishes,

Ms Bretherick